Why Every Web3 Dev Needs On/Off Ramp

We can all agree that UX is one of the key factors in the developmental process. In the current realm of web3, the user journey is pretty robust- the learning curve is pretty steep.

Today, for any user to interact with your DApp (decentralised app), they have to -

  • Install a wallet app (or browser extension)
  • Create a wallet
  • Remember the seed phrase
  • Buy some $ETH/$MATIC (assuming your DApp is on Ethereum/Polygon)
  • Go to your platform and connect their wallet
  • Buy your platform $token by signing the transaction

Only after completing the above tasks, a user will be able to interact with your dapp.

When operating at scale, this is big problem from a user acquisition standpoint. We don’t think about data packets, protocol layers and servers while using the internet today. The fact that users don’t have to think about all these technicalities is the reason why web2 is so big.

For us to scale web3, we need to take a few lessons from web2 as well.

The technicalities have to be abstracted.

This is where having a good on-ramp integration is key.

On-ramps help your users to buy your native $tokens directly from your DApp using their usual payment methods (Cards, UPI, etc). The platform can be the custodian of the assets and the users don’t have to care about wallets and seed phrases and signing transactions. Of course, being a custodian has its own burdens and responsibilities. But hey, that’s a choice the community has to make for itself. You can also choose to have your own wallet, or integrate with a 3rd party wallet (like Metamask) where your users are the custodians of their own assets. The possibility is endless with on-ramps, and we are barely scratching the surface.

Plotx integration with Onmeta
A visual of what an on-ramp integration will look like

Of course, we have to think about platforms that have off-ramping as a use-case as well.

Onmeta is one such on/off-ramp platforms that allows you to bring your users in and out of the crypto world with ease.

So, one can clearly see how on-ramp and off-ramp integrations can allow builders to scale their DApps and make them accessible to our non-native crypto friends.

See you on the other side :)




Your reliable on-ramp solution for web3 applications.

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Your reliable on-ramp solution for web3 applications.

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